Sunday, February 14, 2010

Children's Museum

Elizabeth had a ball at the Children's Museum. Other than being grossed out by Elizabeth eating the bubbles, Mama had fun too!

Snow at the Beach!

We were so excited when it started snowing Friday night! We all bundled up and went outside that night, just in case it decided to melt before we had a chance to play in it the next day. The pictures aren't great because it was dark, but here is the front of our house. (obviously:) haha Just felt the need for a caption here). Trey and Elizabeth had soooo much fun. Trey loved to get everyone with snow balls, and Elizabeth was just amazed at the stuff falling from the sky. It was a ton of fun to see the kiddos play.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

January Pictures

My funny kiddos
She has to be just like her brother:)
So handsome!.....
....and so Pretty!!!!!

look at my tough guy!!

me and my sweet baby