Wednesday, March 25, 2009

She can't be 8 months old!

Elizabeth was 8 months old on the 23rd. SOOOO hard for me to believe. She has cut two teeth and is now cutting some on top too. Where does the time go? She didn't have to have an 8 month check up, so I do not have a new weight/height update. We'll have to wait until her 9 month checkup! She still has no interest in crawling, but LOVES to stand up all the time. She is babbling a lot, loves bubble baths, and is finally getting more hair!! I am excited to see her chubbo self in her pink bikini eating sand on the beach!:)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Welcome Baby Gray!

My sister Lindsay had her baby girl today! They named her Gray Catherine Moore. She weighed in at 5 pounds 12 ounces and 19.5 inches long. Trey and Elizabeth are very happy to have a new cousin and I can't wait to get my hands on that baby. Tip said she has lots of hair and Mom said she is very alert....UH OH:) SO was Elizabeth, and we all know how wild she is! I'm sure E and Gray will get into tons of trouble together when they're older.:) Welcome to the family baby Gray!

Wild woman....

My little wild woman just wanted to say HEY and show everyone a new picture of herself:)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I NEVER thought I'd say this......

.....But, GO HEELS!:) I think UNC will win it all......Paige will be so happy!! :) I am happy Clemson made it to the tournament but do not think they will go very far. Too bad the Privateers didn't make it this year....always next year! Happy March Madness!

Friday, March 6, 2009

We're gettin' some TOOFS!

Ok! Today was TOTALLY a rough one.....but Elizabeth had an excuse! She is cutting her first two teeth on the bottom!! For some reason it's super exciting to me because I feel like we're entering a new phase in her life....but girlfriend better not bite me!
Backing up a little~Yesterday E had her 7 month checkup...we were a little late getting it because my flight coming home from GA got cancelled. Anyway, she weighed in at 18 lbs. 10 oz. She is 27 inches long. Her height is in the 75th percentile and her weight is in the 80th. So she is very proportionate and has come a long way from being an itty bitty 25 percentile girl in everything!! She of course had to get a shot, so when she started running a fever at about 10 last night, I chalked it up to the immunization. This morning she still didn't look good, was super fussy, and had a funky rash on her neck and upper chest. I returned to the doctor for the second day in a row (I am really tight with all the nurses, they joke around that they are just going to let me move in:)) And folks, as of 230 today Elizabeth is just fine, she is getting teeth, and the doctors officially think I am a crazy woman. :)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Monday, March 2, 2009

25 Random Things

1. I married my best friend and together we have brought into the world two of the sweetest blessings!
2. I never thought I would love being a mom as much as I do.
3. My son Trey completely changed my life for the better!
4. Before Bobby was my husband, he was my "favorrite sixth grader", all because he gave me a cookie he made in cooking class!
5. My dad became a whole lot smarter to me once i moved out of the his house.
6. Because I've now realized number 5, I wish I had listened to him more!
7. Other than Bobby, my mom is my best friend. You've never met a woman like her. If you have met her, consider yourself blessed!
8. I have a special relationship with my Meemaw and really do believe she will be the frist woman to live until she's 135. (simply because I do not think I can live without her)
9. I have really great memories of my childhood with my sister.....we had a love/hate relationship that only sister's can perfect!
10.. My sister and I used to make bikini tops out of our washcloths in the bath when we were little.
11. I made up a song when I was about 5 called "duck down and say you're sorry". It was awesome.
12. My dad and I used to put our hands on our hips, shake them back and forth, and say "95...95....95, 95, 95!" Don't ask, but it was really fun back then.
13. Hey Linds, remember when we stranded Dad on that bridge between Jordan and Israel....again, that was awesome.
14. The funniest thing in the world in when my mother in law said she wanted to put an electirc fence up to keep the alligator away......she didn't realize that we would have to catch the alligator to put the electric collar on him!! Everytime she visits, we still have a good laugh about this.
15. Bobby has really managed to spoil me even more than my parents did. I’m not talking material wise because we are oh so poor, but socially/emotionally/relationship-wise I am high maintenance and expect a lot because he gives a lot!
16. Everytime Elizabeth smiles at me, a little part of my heart melts. Everytime she sleeps through the night, a little part of me rejoices.
17. I love how much my mom loves her grandchildren.
18. I really, really like chocolate. Totally have unhealthy attachment issues there.
19. The Grace that God has freely given me blows my mind……how wonderful it is that although I continue to mess up and disappoint myself, God keeps on lovin’ me!
20. I have a special place in my heart for the unborn……one day, when time allows, I would like to volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center.
21. When I was little I heard that there would be apples in heaven, so I asked my mom if there would be peanut butter in heaven too because I really liked them together.
22. Bobby and I struggle to say “rivalry week”. You try and say it, it ain’t that easy!:)
23. My brother Drew was the funniest baby/toddler. Dad asked him, “Drew do you want a spanking?” and He is the only kid in the world who ever said YES!
24. Please Lord, move me closer to my Mama.
25. Bobby, I love you!:) (hopefully this is not random to him!!!:)
Thanks for reading my ramblings I created between 559-627 AM. Yes it did take me that long.

look at my tough guy!!

me and my sweet baby