Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Still Alive!

I have no forgotten how to blog...nor have I forgotten that I have one. Lately I have just been busy and it really just hasn't been high on my priority list! Lots of things are different this school year, but the main thing is that I spend my days with 2 babies now, not just one.

This year I am watching Linley Cox...the adorable flower in the above picture. She is the daughter of a great friend of mine and Elizabeth absolutely loves having her around. I love it too, but I have to admit, I am more tired at the end of the day!

This past weekend I was in Charlotte meeting my sweet new nephew, Wyatt. He is an absolute doll and I miss him so much! I was blessed to spend some time with the whole Moore family, but I have to say I enjoyed the time with my sister the most. Nothing like sisterly love!:) Here is Wyatt Clark Moore, born October 25th.

I returned home to the beach just in time to enjoy Fall Festival with my two adorable kiddos. We obviously had a theme this year for Halloween, so I'll let the pictures speak for themselves!:)

GO GAMECOCKS!!!!!!!!!! :) Until next time my promises on when that will be!:)

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